Lawyers are the justice serving bodies of society. They play an essential role in the functioning of society and making it a better place for all of us to live in. The government of every country is ‘responsible for the provision of justice amongst its citizen by providing them with trustable and verified lawyers. Society needs to have lawyers no matter what. Many cases require immediate help to seek justice. Lawyers are required for various purposes. Such as; dealing with crimes, dealing with illegal activities, dealing with accidents in social circles. There are many types of lawyers each excelling in different fields. Such as social dealings lawyers, motor vehicle accident lawyers, and many more lawyers that deal with different types of cases. A society without a lawyer will be just as tap with no water. The government has to make sure that the system of the country is going efficiently by providing the best lawyers for the citizen. The absence of lawyers would force the citizens to take law and order in their hands which would the worst scenario one can imagine. So it is better to hire lawyers for dealing with illegal acts and believe in them that they will serve you justice.

Consequences of absence of lawyers:

1. Absence of justice:

The society will become a menace for all the people living in it. The people living in it will be exposed to torture and justice would never be served. Every person who would commit the crime would keep on committing it, and the person becoming the victim of that crime would be kept becoming the victim again and again. And like this, justice would never be served.

2. An open ground for the criminals:

The lawyers help in maintaining the decorum of the society by keeping a strong eye on all the crimes happening around. So in the absence of lawyers, the society will become an open ground for all the criminal and they would keep on performing crimes and there will be no one to question them for making the lives of people miserable.

3. No value of humans:

If the same situation continues in the absence of lawyers, the humans will have no value left as a criminal would become fearless and they would keep on betraying the citizens of the country who do not commit crimes. Innocent people will be victimized and in the end, there will no value left for human beings. So it is essential to have lawyers so that they can create a healthy and justified environment.