What Are The Responsibilities Of The Wedding Stylist?

Many people get confused between the wedding planner and the wedding stylist. There is difference between them. A wedding planner is someone who is responsible for the planning, organization and controls all the management of the wedding usually before and after the wedding as well. Whereas, the wedding stylist only deals with the aesthetic aspects of the wedding ceremony which includes the colour theme, fabric design and pattern, flower arrangement and many such aspect. The objective of the wedding stylist is to create the wedding décor in such a way that it matches your personal style.

Responsibilities and tasks:

The wedding stylist works with the wedding planner to make sure that the design and the aesthetic of your garden weddings are as you wanted it to be. The wedding stylist will take care of the flowers, how much flowers are required and what kind. Not only this but the wedding stylist will also arrange various props which are required. Sometimes, the wedding planner also provide the services of the wedding stylist but it depends on how much the design and aesthetic is important to you. It completely depends on you that who you want to hire for your wedding day. In most of the cases, the bride and the groom are very much familiar with the design and they know exactly what they want and how they want their reception to look. In this case, the couple gives the instruction to the wedding stylist and then he acts according to it but in some cases, when the couple is not sure what they want then the wedding stylists have some suggestions from the events they already planned and then the couple could choose from these.

Hire the right wedding stylist:

There are many wedding stylists now a days and these are just one click away from you. But not all of them are right for your wedding. In case of wedding stylist, it is important that you hire the one who is experienced and have arranged the events before especially when you are not sure what to do with the décor. Only the experienced weddings stylist will be able to tell you what is right for you and if you have some ideas in mind then he will be able to tell you whether these ideas are practical or not. another benefit of hiring the right wedding stylist is that he knows beforehand that how some décor or arrangement will look even before it is put together. It is possible that you may have seen some good wedding decorations hire in some location and want to replicate it but your wedding stylist may tell you that it is not practical or suitable based on your particular location.