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hip replacement surgery

The largest joint of a human body, hip joint, the ball and socket joint can withstand a fair amount of wear and tear on a regular basis. Damage of this joint can easily leave a person immobile until it is fixed and healed. People today still fail to understand that taking the precautions given by medical experts to avoid hip and knee joint problems are essential. Although this joint is extremely strong it doesn’t mean that it isn’t indestructible. There are circumstances where the hip joint can get seriously damaged. These precautions listed by medical experts will help those who follow them, is a great way. These will slow down the damaging process if started on time. 

Causes, solutions and precautions: 

Of course, age is a huge factor that is giving signals of weakening of a body. It is known that at a certain stage of life the human body is unable to absorb and store nutrients. So, combining fragile age with numerous other factors like fracture and heavyweight of the upper body and osteoporosis, the hip joint does face some critical issues. 

Fracture in old age is surely a nightmare as they are unable to heal and work like old times. In such cases if the socket joint is damaged to the extent it is unable to heal, hip replacement surgery in sydney is the last option. This can also happen during the period of youth if the joint is damaged enough to be repaired. The heavyweight of the upper body also damages hip and knee joint as they are bearing all the pressure. So, it is common enough to see people with extra body weight struggling to walk and complaining about the knee and hip pain. Mothers who are not taking a healthy nutritional diet also face such problems. Although doctors do try their best to help their patients by medicines and exercise to perform, if the condition is getting worst and the patient is unable to recover, hip surgery is the last option. Dr Louis Shidiak is a knee and hip surgeon helping people in Sydney. If you have any sort of issue and you are in Sydney, he is the one to visit. 

It is always best to take precautions people already know and what doctors prescribe them during a visit. When people reach a ripped age of 30 and above, they should start consulting a hip and knee expert to keep themselves healthy. They will examine your lower joints entirely and will help you accordingly in saving your precious joints. Arthritis, osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis comes with age and cause inflammation. Bursitis, although helping a person walk smoothly with ease if they get inflamed, they do cause uneasiness and pain. Hence taking precautions like taking calcium supplements, soaking in sun, consuming vitamin E supplements and light exercise will help people to keep their joints healthy and working. Please visit for more information.